2013-06  Pastor Hsi


Wikipedia: Pastor Hsi

I've almost finished re-reading Pastor Hsi, the true story of a prominent Confucian scholar who became an opium addict, then got free of opium after becoming a Christian, then spent the rest of his life helping other opium sufferers find healing and faith. The book was written over a hundred years ago, and its language is somewhat old style and not all that politically correct. But .....it has a lot of relevance for today, because Hsi did what many mainline churches are still struggling to do: he followed the New Testament model of Church, training and appointing elders in dozens of locations, even appointing a woman elder in one place to solve the problem of three men contesting the job. Not to mention his child-like faith which led to daily miracles of healing and faith.  Here is the second last chapter of the book:
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