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Letter (in Swahili) from a Tanzanian inmate in a Hong Kong prison
- with English summary

Note: several recent drug mules arrested in Hong Kong were sent by Kiboko

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English summary:  
I am asking the Director of Anti-Drug Unit (Assistant Commissioner of Police) Mr Godfrey Nzowa if the name "Ayubu Mfaume Kiboko" means anything to him, and if it does, is he really serious about dismantling drug trafficking networks, and eliminating drug trafficking in Tanzania?

Mr Kiboko is a well known crime figure in the circle of heavyweight drug traffickers in Tanzania. I am quite sure Mr Nzowa knows that Mr Kiboko is a notorious drug trafficker since Kiboko's name is among the top names in the list of drug traffickers submitted to President Kikwete by Mr Nzowa himself.

What I cannot understand is why Kiboko is still at large, far away from justice, and still causing mayhem, still sending couriers to traffic drugs ever increasingly.

Kiboko's biggest operational base is in Tanzania. He sends most of his couriers from Tanzania, with some from Nairobi (Kenya) and Kampala (Uganda). All of his enforcers - like Misunga - are well known by Mr Nzowa and his agencies.

Mr Nzowa, please explain to the public why Kiboko is still at large....why you cannot lay hands on him.  Is he too big a fish for your net to catch? Is he too slippery? Maybe he's deeply politically connected?  Maybe your own personnel are on the take, unable to resist the temptation of bribes?

I am deeply disturbed by Kiboko's insanity and his cut throat way of operating, his lust for money, and his willingness to see his brother die or go to prison for life just for a buck.

I am gravely concerned about the credibility and integrity of our government and law enforcement agencies in this war against narcotics. 

My people, drug trafficking to Hong Kong is too dangerous. When they catch you there is a very heavy price to pay. Don't let anyone fool you. Don't turn a blind eye the real situation.


File of letters in English and Swahili from African inmates in Hong Kong prisons