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August 9: Letter to the Pope: Invitation to Africa!
The purpose of this letter is to invite your Holiness to Africa . We welcome you with open hearts and assure you that our home is your home. We ask that you come and bless this land that was once considered the Garden of Eden, because you can see that God made it in a wonderful way, with the largest of most of the God given features

July 26: Unpacking the transfer of sentenced persons agreement (of Hong Kong):
The transfer of sentenced persons is continuously being seen as a basic human right
...  directly related to the right to family life. International human rights laws guarantee this right, and several constitutions around the world recognize it in their Bill of Rights

July 13: God's Will - Do we have a say?
Mandela has a large family. His daughters, his wife and some of his grandchildren are of the view that he can hear them and he is still responsive and therefore they cannot play God and take away his life by asking for the machines to be switched off

July 5: Empathy - A Great Gift
People in pain need love and attention.  I know many people from the continent will say that they have nothing to give. This is because they are thinking of what to give in terms of financial or material things. I therefore urge that we take care of the sick, not by thinking that we can take them to the hospital and leave them under the care of the medics and all shall be well, but by offering ourselves. Give your love; give your time as this may help them through their pain

June 28: Lihting up the Dark Continent - a call to all Africans
I call unto all my sisters and brothers in Africa to arise and pool all their strength so as to light up the continent that has forever been referred to as the Dark Continent.  Use your minds and physical strength to channel the energies to constructive work. Let it shine and yet be proud to be black!

March 22: A moment each day - a prayer for our priests
Pope Francis asked the people to pray for him. This got me thinking: do we ever pray for our priests?

Feb 22: The next pope - what to consider
What we should be praying for is for a leader who will unite the Church and give the Church direction in accordance with the Lordís word. What is important is that the dignity and the glory of the Church be restored through good leadership

Feb 17: Parenting 
While trying to analyze the entire situation, I cannot help but ask where did we as the parents/guardians of these boys go wrong? Is there something that we should have done that we didnít do or shouldnít have done and we did?

Feb 3: and Believe
In my part of the world, many people believe in witchcraft, and at times even the people we live with may believe and practice it. My house help is one such person. One may ask how I can let a non-believer or someone who believes in witchcraft live under my roof

Jan 18: Giving  
Was my aunty a stranger and I didnít invite her? 
Would God accept my tithe and find it worthy when indeed I should have given to someone who was in need?

January 11:       December - quality time
As the year begins, I want to resolve that I will devote more time to my family, and that they come first, no matter what