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May 17: A time to pause, a time to act
He went further and said that he "categorically rejected combining parishes"

May 10: With open hands
Sometimes people you have never met face to face have an influence in your life that is hard to measure.  

May 3: You have an opinion?
When the first post-apartheid election took place in South Africa, people queued for many hours to register the first vote of their life time, it mattered that much

April 29: Bishops urged to review celibacy rules amid shortage of priests (published in The Guardian)

April 26: Hey you, stop being so critical!
Being critical can, in fact, be a sign of sincere friendship

April 19: My people are suffering
n Palm Sunday a Coptic Church in Egypt was bombed and many people killed

April 12: My friend Lazarus is only asleep
Raw greed and a selfish political climate challenge the very core of the teaching of Jesus of Nazareth. Simplicity is a word that has been lost in the undergrowth.

April 5: A Bidding Prayer or two this Sunday
I would suggest that, convenient though it might be, a source book of Bidding Prayers sidesteps the primary intention of this occasion

March 30: What is it we thirst for?
Yet time and again, water is a powerful symbol in our lives

March 22: Read any good books recently?
As we are now in the season of Lent, it has often been the practice to read a book or two that makes us pause and reflect a while

March 15: The Psalter: Words for a pilgrim's journey
There were occasions when the abbey dog, a white standard poodle, would wander into the chapel  to join us


March 8: We each have a name
Arriving as the Headteacher of a new school after local reorganisation, I was asked by a member of staff "What do we call you?" My answer was simple. "I have a first name, so do you. That's what we call each other".


March 1: How free is free?
For many people in countries across the world, talking to the press is dangerous 

Feb 22: We stand in awe
The awe that comes to us in the presence of God is wordless

Feb 15: Things fall apart

When the signs of strain are such that cracks appear in a structure, there are three immediate choices. Ignore the evidence and trust that all will be sorted, make-do with some sticky tape until a later, more convenient date, or attend to the issue before there are more serious consequences.

Feb 8: Not in my name
I make no apologies for returning to the issues raised by the recent election of Donald Trump to the Presidency of the United States  

Feb 2: The mystery in the image
The icon in its gentle serenity, offers a gracious resemblance of love and helps us focus on the beauty of God

Jan 26: Another year, another remembrance
(Jan 27: International Holocaust remembrance day)

The mark of so many of those we call ‘saints’ for want of a better word, has been precisely the sense of being undefeated even in the most difficult of circumstances.

Jan 18: Sometimes I feel like a motherless child

Seeing those pictures from Chicago in 2008 filled me, and I am sure, so many others with hope, joy and expectation. This weekend, with the inauguration on January 20th, I have no such feelings; just the opposite.

Jan 11: Another place to meet

Those Parishes that have a Parish Hall where groups can gather after sharing the Eucharist are indeed fortunate

Jan 4: Epiphany, a time of realization

The global reaction to the arrival of Francis in Rome is evidence enough that others notice not just enormous events but the small points that indicate attitude and personal values