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Dec 21: Life Changing Encounter
We live in different "Nazareths", small and insignifi- cant villages and towns of this world. Today Gabriel comes to us, with the Bible in his hand, announcing the history of salvation

Dec 14: Rejoice Always
When we believe that Jesus is the light shining in the darkness of our lives, we cannot but rejoice

Dec 7: The Gospel: it's amazingly simple
A corrupt politician can act with honesty. A drunkard can live a sober life. A drug dealer can give up his criminal activity. The grace of God has power to transform

Nov 30: Why Advent?
After worshiping the infant Jesus, the Magi went back home by another road (Matt 2:12 ). Another road means another life in which only Jesus is worthy of our worship

Nov 23: Only caring people inherit the kingdom
To get to heaven, we do not need diplomas, wallets filled with credit cards, or high social status. The only thing we need is a heart that feels the pain of others and stimulates us to action     Chinese text 

Nov 16: Do not bury this talent
Our world is in such a mess, because we have buried our talent, the powerful and transforming message of the Gospel. We have slacked off. We are comfortable in our churches and we do not dare to go to the high streets   Chinese text 

Nov 2: Reflection in Chinese on today's readings

Oct 26: The Greatest Commandment
There are many commandments and canons. Let us leave them to the experts.  Let us love the Lord our God in return for his love. This love of God will enable us to love our neighbour

Oct 19: Laying a trap for Jesus
If you pause for a while and think about Jesus’ answer you will be surprised by its hidden meaning. What does belong to caesar? Nothing. Everything belongs to God, including caesar who claims to be divine. “The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof, the world and those who dwell therein.
Chinese text

Oct 12: The Feast
Jesus knocks at the door of your life with this invitation. As long as you live, the invitation is valid.
Chinese text 

Oct 5: The Vineyard and Its Tenants
Bonhoeffer  was executed for participating in the plot against Hitler. King was shot dead for planning a march on Washington. Popieluszko was killed for standing up for workers' rights. They had been sent by God to demand justice and righteousness.
Chinese text   

Sep 28: Come to your senses - Let your "Yes" be "Yes".  One son says “No” and the other says “Yes”. And there's one more Son, who always says “Yes”.
Chinese text:

Sep 21: God's Saving Grace:
stop being jealous; be grateful

There is only one coin in God's kingdom, God's grace. It is not a reward for lifelong goodness and piety, but an unmerited gift. It brings meaning and direction to our lives.  Instead of being jealous we all should be grateful.
Chinese text: 

Sep 14: The Tree of Life
On this day we are called to renew our  faithfulness to the Crucified Lord of Glory by surrendering our lives to Him   (Chinese translation)

Sep 7: Leading a brother to repentance
Christianity means transformation,  the power of God that makes something totally new in the lives of those who turn to Him

Aug 31: Take up the Cross
We love to influence people in their decision-making. We do it in a form of advice or opposition. We mean well. We want to help. We want to see others ‘happy and successful’ in this life. We have in mind “human things”.

Aug 24: The Gates of death shall not prevail
Jesus has always led people to believe in Him through deeds of love and compassion, not through violence or threats

August 17: Refuge under God's wings
There is a huge difference between a life in Christ and a life outside of Christ. No wonder there are more and more “Canaanite women” who, overcoming many challenges, want to become Christians

August 10: L
et both grow till harvest
Finding the kingdom of heaven brings joy. It opens for us new possibilities and new life

August 3: Compassion leads to Eucharist
Share what you have, Jesus tells us, because our resources shared with the needy save life  (Chinese text: 怜悯通往圣体圣事)

July 27: The Treasure
Finding the kingdom of heaven brings joy. It opens for us new possibilities and new life.

July 20: Let both grow till harvest
God is charity and He is merciful. He does not want to see even one seed of wheat become uprooted. The "Good Thief" on the Cross, turned out to be wheat at the last moment of his life

July 13: Why Parables
A straightforward message about a loving God can get lost in the noise and business of our lives, but a parable about a sower who throws his seeds left and right not minding the quality of soil gets our reaction

July 6:  Truly Wise
There are many sophists around us who have mastered the art of persuasion and argue that there is no God and no truth. At the same time, poor and ordinary people all over the world are coming to Christ. Our sophists are unable to realise that true wisdom does not reveal itself in clever words but in transformed lives

June 29: Two sinners and God's mercy
Christian life tends to be divided into two stages: before and after meeting Christ. The story of Peter and Paul divides life differently: before and after realizing the power of sin in one's life

June 22: The Real Presence
Many people look at life as a game and not as a journey to eternity. Christian community, Gospel, heavenly bread, such words are not part of their daily dictionary

June 15: Trinity Sunday reflection 
Let us, then, love this world created by God. Let us love people around us, even if they speak, think, or believe differently. Quarrelling, conflicts, and wars bring only destruction and death. Love gives life. Let us make an effort to bring a little bit of goodness into the world by our small sacrificial acts of love

June 8: Filled with the Spirit of God or with new wine?  
Are we open to the Holy Spirit's coming? The Spirit leads us away from our comfort zones into the peripheries. Jesus was led by the Spirit into the desert to face the devil. Paul was led by the Spirit to Jerusalem, where he was going to be persecuted and imprisoned.  How many Christians are willing to leave the comfort of their homes and communities and move into the ``deserts'' of our contemporary world?

June 1: Go tell it from the mountain!
We have to go down from the mountain in Galilee and enter the streets of our cities and towns, because we have work to do. The world awaits the news about God who liberates, protects, provides and saves. Someone said: “the bird does not sing because it has an answer; it sings because it has a song.” We have a song - the most powerful life changing song ever. So let us sing that song always, while waiting for the coming of the Lord!

May 25: Jesus' Promise
Is there a way to join the multitudes of our brothers and sisters who were truly filled with the Spirit? Yes, there is: a deep desire or a holy longing. When we realize that nothing of this world can fill the emptiness of our hearts, when we realize that there is something fundamentally wrong with us, when we hit the bottom and arrive at the dead-end of our life's journey, then we are ready for the Spirit, because He is the gift of salvation

May 18: Jesus, the Way
A great theologian gave a lecture stating that the  resurrection of Jesus was a myth and that those who claim to have a relationship with the “Risen Lord” are just deceiving themselves. Then an old black preacher stood up, reached into his brown bag lunch and pulled out an apple ....

May 11: Jesus, the Good Shepherd
Is the Lord truly your shepherd? Or maybe you follow the lead of “someone” else, who wants to rob you of happiness and destroy your life? William Barclay says: “When we walk with Jesus, there comes a new vitality, a superabundance of life.” 

May 4: Jesus, the Anti-Depressant
They faced the setting sun setting and with the sun all their hope was sinking as well. There was night and darkness awaiting them. But something happened that changed everything, something that was not planned by them:
a stranger approached them and began to ask questions

April 28: Challenge from First Christians
This challenging article is on themes often mentioned by Pope Francis:  greed, inequality, the need to live more simply, the failure of the "trickle down" economic theory

April 21: He saw and believed
To believe that Jesus is alive means to commune with Him, to recall His words recorded in the Gospels, and to sense His presence when everything tries to tell you that He is absent

April 20: The One who is ever-present
“Do not be afraid; go an tell my brothers to go to Galilee; there they will see me”.  Jesus does not go away; He goes ahead. He goes ahead of us to our homes and work places.  “The living Jesus” is an ever-present reality in the lives of His believers whether in Galilee, Rome or any other city, town, and village of the world

April 13: Our kenotic Lord
The kenotic Christ who hangs on the cross and cries “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?”  reveals to us a form of God that we are least familiar with: a loser, a victim, a sufferer

April 6: The Resurrection and Life
The story of Lazarus tells us that there is a way out. Jesus can raise us from the power of sin to a life of meaning and purpose. Jesus can also place in our hearts the assurance that there is more to life than this world. We are meant for eternity; we are meant for a life that does not know sin or suffering or death

March 30: Iwas blind but now I see
There are many nominal Christians for whom Jesus means nothing. The Gospel of John makes it clear that our response to Jesus affects the outcome of our lives. Taking this most important relationship for granted leaves us in sin, whereas faith in Him gives us a new kind of vision that allows us to see the world in an entirely new way.

March 23: Have You Heard it for Yourself?  
The encounter between Jesus and the Samaritan woman poses a direct challenge to our Churches' claims and regulations, and to our popular understanding of what constitutes being a Christian.  I would like to highlight three issues that are particularly connected with the reading of this Gospel: divisions among Christians, women in ministry, and a personal understanding who Jesus is.

March 16: Called to renew the world
The solution to our problems lies not in “know thyself,” but in “know thy God”. 
By standing for Christ and boldly testifying to the power of the Gospel, we are taking part in God's work of renewing the world.

March 9: Beautiful and holy
 “I want to be holy and beautiful” - said the young woman - “not just beautiful and carnal. And so I have decided to say 'no!' and I feel so different, as if a light dispelled the darkness from my life.” It is difficult to describe how one moves from sin to grace, from Adam to Christ. It is easy, however, to notice such  transformation having taken place in life of somebody: s/he radiates newly found joy and freedom.

March 2: Worry and God's Presence
I was particularly struck by the statement that "in the same circumstances one person can be absolutely serene, and another person can be worried to death." That was exactly my experience on the plane. While I was worrying myself to death over every turbulence, a person next to me was soundly sleeping

Feb 23: Where Are Those Fools?
Christianity has a rich tradition of saints who are known as holy fools, people who take the Gospel seriously and live outside of the conventional wisdom of our world. To be a holy fool or creative thinker and non-conformist requires a unique approach to life and sets of principles that see truth as being discovered, not created

Feb 16: Fulfilling the Law
Obeying rules can get us safely home from work or school. Much more is needed, however in life. Life is built on principles not on sets of rules. It is our responsibility to make sure that the principles we want to build our lives on are sound ones, otherwise they can ruin our lives. In Jesus we have that assurance.

Feb 9: A pinch of salt
W. Barclay indicates  three main qualities of salt. The first quality is that of purity.  Next, salt in the time of Jesus was used as the main preservative that kept things from rotting. Finally, salt was used to give flavor to food. Thus the metaphor of salt indicates that those who believe in Christ should be "an example of purity," "must have a certain antiseptic influence on life," and should "lend flavor to life."

Jan 26: How to overcome fear
 Patience is needed to overcome our fears. Victory does not happen overnight. “Do the thing you fear to do and keep on doing it... that is the quickest and surest way ever yet discovered to conquer fear,” is the very practical advice of Dale Carnegie

Jan 19: A holy mess: the Church of God in Corinth
Psychologists tells us that continuously repeated words tend to become a self-fulfilling prophecy. So if one is always told that s/he is a sinner, one tends to think and act as one. Maybe it would do us a lot of good if, as well as acknowledging our sins, we would also acknowledge our saintliness. It could make us to think and act in a saintly manner

Jan 12: Did you hear about the baby baptised with milk?
aptism seals our faith. Only if we believe “with all our hearts” in the good news about Jesus Christ are we ready to experience its transforming power; only if we eagerly listen to the narrative stories of what God has done for us in Jesus, can the Holy Spirit  fall upon us. The ritual comes later. Unfortunately, we have reversed this process. We begin with a ritual and we hope that faith will somehow come later in age with the help of parents and religion teachers. Thus, we have entire nations and large communities registered in our baptismal books, yet living as if Jesus and his values mean nothing to them

Jan 5: The Epiphany of the Lord
 With the coming of the New Age Movement, astrology has once again become fashionable, but true meaning in life and real freedom can only be found in Christ. “Fate” written in the stars is replaced by “faith” in Jesus Christ. Fear  of powerful leaders is replaced by obedience to God.

Jan 1: Pondering the Shepherds' words in our hearts
The angels continue to inspire visions and dreams among many “shepherds” of our world. They dream about a world where money is spent on health care and education instead of being spent on arms; where farmers are not forced to commit suicide in order to protest an unjustified grab of their land; where media are not a propaganda tool in the hands of the mighty of this world; and where our Christian churches stop flirting with power and riches, but go back to their roots and begin anew to live for the kingdom of God