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The 16 Documents of Vatican II


Reflection 340  Based on the 1965 Vatican II document: 
Decree on Bishops
- Article 10

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Like article no 9, this article - no. 10, deals with reform of the Curia

No 10 says:

...since these departments are established for the good of the universal Church, it is desirable that their members, officials, and consultors as well as legates of the Roman pontiff be more widely taken from various regions of the Church, insofar as it is possible. In such a way the offices and central organs of the Catholic Church will exhibit a truly universal character.

Pope Paul VI and Pope John Paul II tried to universalize the Curia,
but under Benedict XVI the Curia has once again become a very European has the College of Cardinals

75% of top Curia officials are Europeans, another 10% are from North America  (2011-12)

This is another example of the way Benedict has undone and opposed the clear teaching of Vatican II

Jesus, please bless Pope Francis as he follows the teaching of Vatican II