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The 16 Documents of Vatican II


Reflection 347  Based on the 1965 Vatican II document: 
Decree on Bishops
- Article 17

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This article has the following words:

 Various forms of the apostolate should be encouraged, and in the whole diocese or in any particular areas of it the coordination and close connection of all apostolic works should be fostered under the direction of the bishop. Thus all undertakings and organizations, be they catechetical, missionary, charitable, social, familial, educational, or anything else pursuing a pastoral aim, should be directed toward harmonious action. Thus at the same time the unity of the diocese will also be made more evident.

This is very practical. It's sad and annoying if there is competition/rivalry/lack of unity among diocesan agencies
....or if one agency (e.g. bishop's office) says one thing
and another agency (e.g. education office) says another

Jesus, please help all diocesan agencies realize they are on the same team ...and work together in unity