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                                       LUMEN GENTIUM
, 1964 


The bishops of the Church are the successors of the apostles.
The bishops are specially blessed by the Holy Spirit to continue the work of Jesus
as Teacher, Shepherd and High Priest

The bishops must speak with the mind of Jesus.
We must hear Jesus' voice when they speak.
Rejecting bishops who speak with the mind of Jesus
means rejecting Jesus himself

This is the theory...but the practice can be complicated

What happens when a bishop is not speaking with the mind of Jesus?
(c.f. Paul confronting Peter over the matter of eating with pagans...)

What happens when a pope and a council speak differently?
(c.f. Benedict 16 and Vatican 2...)

What does a child do when its mother and father give contradictory directives?
The only thing it can do: pray...hand the situation over to Jesus...ask him to sort out the problem

Jesus, please help all bishops...and the pope.... speak with your mind and your heart

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