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The 16 Documents of Vatican II


Reflection 408  Based on the 1965 Vatican II document: 
Decree on The Media of Social Communications
- Article 11
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           This article states the principles for a high-standard media:

 The principle moral responsibility for the proper use of the media of social communication falls on newsmen, writers, actors, designers, producers, displayers, distributors, operators and sellers, as well as critics and all others who play any part in the production and transmission of mass presentations. It is quite evident what gravely important responsibilities they have in the present day when they are in a position to lead the human race to good or to evil by informing or arousing mankind.

Thus, they must adjust their economic, political or artistic and technical aspects so as never to oppose the common good. For the purpose of better achieving this goal, they are to be commended when they join professional associations, which - even under a code, if necessary, of sound moral practice -oblige their members to show respect for morality in the duties and tasks of their craft.

They ought always to be mindful, however, that a great many of their readers and audiences are young people, who need a press and entertainment that offer them decent amusement and cultural uplift.

Sadly, economic concerns are increasingly over-riding the above principles, as reported in  An allegory of journalistic decline

Jesus, may media standards soon go up, instead of down