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The 16 Documents of Vatican II


Reflection 381 Based on the 1965 Vatican II document: 
Decree on Ecumenism
- Article 17

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Like the words of article 16, so the words of this article produce a wish in one's heart that they also could be applied within the (Western) Catholic Church.
In other words, would that Catholic theologians and spiritual writers could be shown the same latitude that is rightly shown Eastern Christians!

What has just been said about the lawful variety that can exist in the Church must also be taken to apply to the differences in theological expression of doctrine. In the study of revelation East and West have followed different methods, and have developed differently their understanding and confession of God's truth. It is hardly surprising, then, if from time to time one tradition has come nearer to a full appreciation of some aspects of a mystery of revelation than the other, or has expressed it to better advantage. In such cases, these various theological expressions are to be considered often as mutually complementary rather than conflicting.

Jesus, please help the Vatican treat the West the same way it treats the East!