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The 16 Documents of Vatican II


Reflection 224   Based on the Vatican II document 
On the Mission Activity of the Church
Ad Gentes  - 5

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One point from this rather long-winded and somewhat repetitive article:

To carry out its mission of spreading the Gospel,
the Church must walk the same road as Jesus:
a road of
poverty, obedience, service and self-sacrifice

Poverty: my heart grieves when I see that the main annual activity of many Hong Kong parishes is a lavish evening banquet in an expensive a cost that many ordinary parishioners cannot a time when so many people go hungry in the world.

Blessings on those parishes that have a simple buffet in their parish hall immediately following the feast day Mass....where everyone is welcome and can mix together

As HK' s Cardinal Tong said some years ago in his Christmas message:
rather than a lavish banquet for say, a 35th anniversary, let a parish (or school) set a target of finding 35 new Christians!

Jesus, please help us walk the road of poverty with you