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Reflection 282  
Based on the 1965 Vatican II document:


One of the main ideas in this article is that lay people will be Jesus' Witnesses only if they have a love for prayer, especially prayer enriched by the Bible

This idea of course applies to all Christians, not just lay people.
Priests and religious who have a strong love for prayer and the Bible
usually also have a strong apostolic spirit

How much do lay people pray?

Those who still go to church, now only 5%-10% of Catholics in many countries: how much do they pray during the week?

Those who no longer or only rarely go to church: how much do they pray?

When we talk about lay people being apostles, we are talking about a diminishing species, a threatened species

Before we talk about them being apostles, we need to help them establish a plan of prayer in their daily lives, whether they go often or rarely to church

And as for so many things in life, the best way to encourage people to do something is not to issue decrees and threats, but to give an example.
This is the responsibility of priests, religious and already-apostolic laity

Jesus, you loved to pray. Please increase our love for prayer