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 94:  Based on Article 64 of  The Sacred Liturgy "SACROSANCTUM CONCILIUM" 


"The catechumenate for adults, comprising several distinct steps,
is to be restored and to be taken into use at the discretion of the local ordinary"

One of the outstanding fruits of Vatican II:
the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)

One need: as soon as they are baptized,
adults should be invited to take part in apostolic activity.
In this area, our Evangelical brethren can teach us much:
as soon as they are baptized,
they hit the ground "reaching out"

Some (most?) Catholic baptized adults
"retire" after baptism.  
May they be given more encouragement,
and more opportunities,
to put their baptismal grace into action

Many parishes have a day/night for introducing the newly baptized to various societies and groups in the parish,
but often the newly baptized sense that new members are not all that welcome ....and they lose interests in the groups ....and their faith

Jesus, please bless all the adults around the world
who are preparing for baptism this Easter


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