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2015-03-09: The Great Disaffiliation (Published by Catholics for Renewal)
Following the Second World War, while the Catholic Church in Africa and Latin America grew rapidly, in the West it was the opposite. There the Church suffered a massive haemorrhage of membership  


2015-02-15: God, Compassion and Law (Published by Catholics for Renewal)
Francis is reminding the Catholic people that there is always a solution to challenges and impasses whatever they may be. He reminds everyone that nothing, not even the Churchís own laws can contain, limit or domesticate the mystery of Christ and his Gospel

2015-01-24: The Synod of Bishops
Pope Francis has challenged the Bishops to snap out of their collective amnesia and to liberate themselves from the years of blind obedience, supine compliance and micro-management imposed on them from 1978 to 2012


August 21, 2014: The Parish - a Community of Evangelisation   
(theological and historical context and perspectives)
- published on website of Catholics for Renewal


David's articles about "Fr Z", originally published on v2catholic, have been posted on Catholica at this link.  Thank you again David for such excellent research, and thank you Brian Coyne for superb editing 


June 1: Zuhlsdorf demystified - you can't make this stuff up - Part Three

May 25: Zuhlsdorf demythologized by Francis - Part Two     

April 13: Tom Hoopes and the JPII Catholics
Francis has halted the fabrication of JP IIís regressive Cold War Catholicism and the duplicitous pretence of Ratzingerís Reform of the Reform.  Restoration has taken on a refreshing, unexpected twist and assumed a surprising new incarnation. It will not be held hostage to euro-centric ideology again

Feb 23: Zuhlsdorf Ė you canít make this stuff up, but he makes a comfortable living out of it   

Feb 16: Francis and the Trads   Part Two                      (Part One)
In Australia the Traditionalist/Conservative blog-scape is very similar to that in many other countries. It is bleak, introspective, self-interested, self-absorbed and a very sorry little scene. There is scant evidence of a broad expansive Christian vision for the Church with a Gospel inspired radical hopefulness.

(At the end of this article, see David's comments about

Feb 9: Pope Francis and the rage of the Traditionalists: 
 Whoís angry with whom and why?
     Part One

Some have gone quiet and folded. Some have gone quiet but continue to sulk and seethe. Others are still making their voices heard, noisy, angry, resentful and full of rage. What they all have in common is their feelings of frustration at and betrayal by Benedict for his abdication and their palpable collective contempt for Jorge Bergoglio, Pope Francis.

Jan 26: A new Trad growth industry: IOPFKWIK
Some very interesting things have been happening within the dynamics of various Traditionalist-Conservative Catholic groups, especially in the ways they are responding to Pope Francis, his words, writings and gestures


August 6: Blog Links to Cathnews (New Format, 2013)
An index of David's many blogs for Cathnews