Sr Inigo Joachim SSA,    Dwarka,  New Delhi, India 

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Oct 23: Sr Inigo Joachim gave the Jamshedpur diocese annual retreat for priests

Oct 23: The role of society in the transformation of prisoners 


Two lovely August 20 reports about a Mass at Tihar Jail in Delhi, India:

August 20: Taken to Tihar jail by Sr Catherine FC
The inmates (almost half of them were Africans) were ready in the hall with hymn sheets and the musical instruments. The chief celebrant for the Mass was the Archbishop of Delhi

August 20: Great Day for Confined  by Anthony, an African inmate
I, on behalf of our Church in jail, would like to extend my deepest sentiments of appreciation and gratitude to Sr. Inigo for facilitating the visits of a large group of visitors 

March 25:  Choose Life

January 7: Prison Christmas Homily