January 21, 2012           www.v2catholic.com  officially launched


This website was launched in construction mode on November 20, 2011,
the Feast of Christ the King, in Hong Kong

Yesterday, January 20, this website was officially blessed and launched,
from a missal (sic) site on the Gold Coast, Australia

More details of the launching will be fired into cyberspace as time goes on

It is hoped that the site will be a cyber spaceship for all groups, in any part of the world,
who are trying to promote and defend the vision of Vatican 2

It is hoped that this website will help such groups make contact with each other
and work together for renewal in the Church as Vatican 2 desired

It is hoped that this site will be a booster rocket of encouragement for people
who are trying to keep the vision of Vatican 2 in orbit
in an increasingly anti-Vatican 2 atmosphere

It is hoped that this site will be a satellite of information
about what is happening in the Church.
With the current censorship of official church newspapers and websites,
very few Catholics have access to articles like these:
Year of Faith 
CCC = V2 ?
Quiet Passion
Judge's conclusions re Bishop Bill Morris
Canon lawyer's report re Bishop Bill Morris

Interview with judge re Bishop Bill Morris

May this site help more and more people to know what's going on

Many thanks to those who are already promoting this website and writing for it.
More bloggers are needed....are most welcome....from all parts of the world

October 11, 2012 (the 50th Anniversary of the opening of V2)
to November 24, 2013 (the Feast of Christ the King)
has been announced by the Church
as a Year of Faith,
as a year to study again the documents of Vatican 2

May this website be of service in such a study,
and more importantly,
in the implementation of Vatican 2's documents

Any individuals or groups who would like to use this website to post articles
- e.g. a monthly or weekly reflection or update on your activities -
...please contact me at v2catholic@gmail.com

And if anyone would like to help maintain this site,
...love to hear from you

God bless and protect this website
and all who promote and write for it
and God bless the Church which we love as a most dear Mother

John W