April 27, 2012 update:   
This is taking a stand: 
Why are women not being ordained to the priesthood?
  Fr John Shea O.S.A.  - see final section re his resignation

February 1, 2012    Taking a stand for the vision of Vatican 2    (see April 10 update, below)

Recently I heard that many priests in Australia are refusing to use "for many"
at the Consecration of the Mass.
They continue to use "for all",
which Pope Benedict 16 says is to be preferred to "for many"

This is taking a stand for the vision of Vatican 2.
I believe 'for many' is a mistake. I'm not going to use it

In Ireland a group of priests is using the 1998 ICEL translation,
not the new translation.
They are taking a stand for the vision of Vatican 2 

Also taking a stand in many countries are priests who are continuing to use the old translation,
regarding as unacceptable the way the new translation was forced on the church,
and regarding the new translation "as a disaster" language-wise

In Hong Kong my main job is visiting detention centres and prisons,
4-6 days a week.
On Sundays I usually help with Mass at local parishes.
I'm on call, and the VG arranges where I go

Mercifully, HK's Bishop (Feb 19, 2012 Cardinal!) John Tong
like his counterparts in the Philippines,
postponed introduction of the new translation until Advent 2012.
So I'm in the happy position of being able to continue using the old translation

But there are other issues appearing

Last year, at several parishes, I was saddened to find that
Communion under both kinds had been stopped.
No more Communion from the chalice

Towards the end of the year I respectfully informed the VG
and Bishop Tong (an old friend)
that in future I would not be available for helping
at parishes that did not have Communion under both kinds.

For me, this was taking a stand for the vision of Vatican 2

I should point out that at HK's Cathedral
there is always Communion under both kinds.

And I should add that my first email to the VG on this matter
brought a most agreeing response to the effect
"let me know what parishes have stopped Communion under both kinds
and I'll take care of it"

Last week I was contacted by the secretary of a large parish for help with Sunday Mass
(...the VG had given them my name...).
When I asked if they had Communion under both kinds,
the answer was "no".
So I politely explained how this was a matter of principle for me,
how I had explained my position to the VG and bishop,
and said I was most willing to help
if there could please be Communion under both kinds when I said Mass

The secretary said she would consult the parish priest.
Since then, no contact. I don't think they want me. I hope I'm wrong

Why take a stand for the vision of Vatican 2?
Well, if we don't draw the line now,
this is what's going to happen

On the positive side of things,
I made a resolution at the end of last year
to re-read the 16 documents of Vatican 2
as a preparation for the 50th Anniversary of V2

That's why I'm trying to prepare a "V2 Reflection" each day for this website.
Definitely not all that exciting reading,
but it's one way of trying to renew myself in the spirit of V2.
May I invite you to check the daily reflection each day

And on the same front,
I'm trying to prepare a "Bible Plan" set of readings for each day.
Again, not that exciting, but V2 challenges us to renew our love for the Scriptures
and let the Scriptures be our main source of daily nourishment.
May I invite you to check the daily Bible Plan each day
- it can lead to a very fruitful cud-chewing during the day!

Jesus, please help me be as enthusiastic about the Scriptures and the 16 documents
as I am about the latest news.
And may the Scriptures and documents
give me energy and motivation
to take a stand for the vision of Vatican 2,
which I believe is the vision of the Good News for our time

April 10 update:

Yesterday in HK I attended the funeral Mass of Petrina (aged 8 next month).
She died March 27 having been brain dead for more than a month - after contracting a fever

The Mass was really beautiful - as were the tributes to Petrina after Mass

Petrina's father is a guard at a HK Detention Centre.
Several dozen of his colleagues attended the Mass - a powerful support group

I did not concelebrate the Mass. 
I stayed in the back seat with Pastor Paul Hui, a young ordained Assemblies of God minister.
He came by himself to the church. His first time to the church. 
Paul  is a fellow prison chaplain. 
He very kindly visited Petrina many times in hospital, praying for her recovery.
Today he shared with me how at one stage he fasted for three days to pray for Petrina.
He shared too that many AG groups in HK had been praying for Petrina - at his request.

Before Mass started yesterday, I asked him "Do you have a Communion Service in your church?"
He said "Yes".    
I said "Would you like to receive Communion today?"
He said "Yes, but they won't allow me to, will they?" 
I said "No problem today....after all you've done for Petrina...Jesus wants to say thank you to you in Communion".
We went up to Communion together.
This is taking a stand...no more nonsense whereby a pastor like Paul would be denied Communion in a case like this

John W

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