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                  Imitating Pope Francis' common touch


In an article of April 1, Following Francis' example, I mentioned four ways we can imitate the example of Pope Francis: A simple lifestyle, concern for the poor, liturgical simplicity, the common touch

On April 8, the article Imitating Pope Francis' love for the poor outlined some ways we can show and increase our concern for the poor

On April 15 I posted Imitating Pope Francis' simple life style, with ideas about "downsizing"

On April 22 there was the article Imitating Pope Francis' ligurgical simplicity

Today let's think about the common touch,  that we may imitate Francis who puts into practice this definition

The common touch:
The ability of a rich or important person to communicate well with, and understand, ordinary people.

e.g. It was always said of the princess that she had the common touch and that's why she was so loved by the people.
e.g. He was a dedicated and brilliant leader but he lacked the common touch.

 The opposite of the common touch is aloofness which is defined as 
"A quality or state of being distant, cold, or uninterested; an appearance of being above the fray; indifference"

e.g.  Some pundits think the senator's aloofness has diminished his ability to connect with the electorate

c.f. Aloof (Singapore) politician striving for the common touch

We can ask ourselves:

In a group, do I gravitate to the "more important people", or do I mix with everyone, especially the "less important" people?

Am I comfortable mixing with ordinary people, especially poor people?

My friendship with ordinary people, especially the poor...is it real or just for show

Do I put on airs ?

Do "less important" people avoid me, or do they find it easy to approach me and communicate with me?


We can remember the example of Jesus who mixed with everyone and felt at home with everyone, as they did with him. We can think of common touch leaders like Thomas More, Nelson Mandela, Princess Diana, Wen Jiabo

Popes and bishops and priests and religious with the common touch should not be the exception.
They should be the rule.
Every Christian leader, every Christian, should have
the common touch

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