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Globalisation of Indifference      
- term used by Pope Francis  
to describe a growing harshness
towards the poor:
asylum seekers, 
people living in poverty

c.f. Mt 24.12: With an increase of lawlessness,
love in most people will grow cold

What can be done to reverse this trend?

"The real challenge is to persuade our fellow Australians that each person matters, not because of the choices they make or the qualities they possess, but because they are human, and that a society is measured by the quality of its relationships." ..... The challenge is for those skilled in telling stories to use their skills in print, blog, You tube clip and audio pod to saturate new and old media with the stories, and photographs of those who are currently considered as "other". It is through life-stories that we recognise that the other is like me"
- John Francis Collins, Sep 12, 2013 comment at this article

"Statistics have never changed the hearts of people. Stories do. If we could find a way to bring the real ‘boat people’ out of the darkness of detention into the visibility of the community, there could be opportunities for them to tell us their stories. Then, maybe, the conscience of the nation might be re-discovered"
- Clare Condon SGS, June 18, 2013, in this article

Oct 17, 2013: Is Australia becoming comfortable with inequality?

Oct 16, 2013: Pope Francis: the globalisation of indifference to the scandal of hunger

Sep 9, 2013:  Balancing the books on the backs of the poor
The Coalition's plan to slash billions from our aid budget so the lucky country can build itself more roads has left me truly stunned and wondering what kind of nation we really want to live in

Sep 5, 2013: Caritas Australia deeply concerned by proposed $4.5 billion cut to foreign aid
“This $4.5 billion could save up to 450,000 lives

Sep 3, 2013 letter from Bishop Hurley to Tony Abbott
"I sit here at my desk with a heavy heart and a deep and abiding sadness, that the leaders of the nation that my father, as an immigrant, taught me to love with a passion, have adopted such a brutal, uncompassionate and immoral stance towards refugees"

Sep 2013: The rise of the new global super-rich  Chrystia Freeland explores the growing gap between the working poor and the increasingly disconnected mega-rich