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(An updated version of The next pope - a load of rubbish)

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Why I pick up rubbish for Pope Francis


Tom Pavey died in Brisbane, Australia, on July 31, 1997.
At his funeral the priest spoke about how Tom used to help at the church
and visit an old peoples' home.
The priest also said how Tom would pick up rubbish as he walked along the street.
Each piece of rubbish became a prayer.
As Tom put the rubbish in a bin, he would pray prayers like
- Dear Jesus, please bless our country
- Dear Jesus, please heal the sick
- Dear Jesus, please give peace to the world

Tom's act of humility in picking up rubbish was a prayer for others

For several years now I've been trying to imitate Tom.
Each morning as I go for my morning walk,
I pick up a few bits of rubbish and put them in a bin

In the two or three years before the election of Pope Francis, my daily prayer as I put rubbish in the bin was:
Dear Jesus, please let the next pope be a Vatican II pope

By that I meant a shepherd with a great love for the poor
and a great desire for a loving encounter with our troubled world.
Someone who would stop the previous trend of "winding back the clock", "circling the wagons"

That prayer has been answered - DG!

Since Pope Francis' election I make a new prayer as I put rubbish in the bin:
Jesus, please give Francis good health and safety

Now that extremists are starting to openly attack Pope Francis, let's increase our prayers for him ....not just at Mass which includes a prayer for him, but at some other time each day ....e.g. when we put out the rubbish....or pick up rubbish...like Tom Pavey